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Local Study Clubs

AIC is a program built on the principles of community. We offer small class sizes, local courses and instructors who want to be mentors all so you can grow your network and your practice by getting to know your constituents and building relationships. Study Clubs are a great opportunity to develop a professional network while perfecting your skills and expanding your knowledge base.

AIC is happy to work with many successful local study clubs around the country. We currently support programs in the areas below, with new associations being added all the time.


Location:  Flushing, NY

Study Club Name: AIC Implant Study Club

Event Topic: Changes Monthly

Instructor: Dr. David Chong

Address: 129-09 26th Avenue, Suite 405

Cost: $50

Time: 6:30-8:30pm

CE Credits: 2



Location:  Cerritos, CA

Study Club Name: LA Implant Study Club

Event Topic: TBD

Instructor: Dr. Eugene Kim

Address: 10900 E. 183rd St., #240

Cost: free

Start Time: 7:30

Date(s): 1st Tuesday of each month


Location:  Issaquah, WA

Study Club Name: Hiossen Seattle Study Club

Instructor: Dr. Michael Yeh

Address: 1375 NW Mall Street, Suite 6

Time: 7-9pm

CE Credits: 2



Location:  Philadelphia, PA

Study Club Name: Rising Dentists Study Club

Instructor: Dr. Steven Rasner