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Course 3: Advanced AIC
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Course Objective & Goals

This is a lecture based course that also includes opportunities for hands-on participation.  It is intended to build upon the skills taught during the Intermediate and Basic Dental Implant Training Courses, and to allow participants to further advance their skills and knowledge base to tackle the most challenging types of cases.  Emphasis will be placed on site development and management, sinus lifting, special use implants, and an introduction to the challenges of implant placement in aesthetic zones.  This course will enable participant to :

  • Have a better understanding of site development (ridge enhancement and bone grafting), which procedures to handle in-office and which to refer to a specialist colleague in a team approach
  • Learn how to evaluate, diagnose and treatment plan more cases using cone beam tomography, site enhancement, and special size and shape implants
  • Develop an appreciation for the additional difficulties faced when placing implants in the aesthetic zone
  • Have an opportunity to perform clinical skills on special models
  • Understand which cases can be treated in office and which require partnering with a specialist colleague
  • Manage common clinical situations that can arise
  • Ask questions specific to clinical situations doctors have encountered
  • Use implants for overdenture anchorage

Course Curriculum:

Day 1

  1. Bone Augmentation
      • Guided bone regeneration
      • Socket and Ridge Preservation
      • Periodontal Surgery
  2. CBCT & Immediate Placement
      • CBCT & Conventional Implant cases
      • CBCT & Ideal immediate implant placement


  • Conventional GBR Technique (#13, 14)
  • Socket & ridge preservation technique (#9)
  • Guided tissue regeneration surgery &Suture on plastic model

Day 2

  1. Sinus augmention & treatment planning
  2. Osteotome approach
  3. Crestal Approach
  4. Leteral Window Approach
      • Incision design & flap management
      • various bone graft substitutes
  5. Implant complications
  6. Full arch immediate loading


  • Sinus surgery on plastic models (lateral, osteotome and crestal approach)
  • Sinus surgery on porcine maxilla (lateral and osteotome approach)

Day 3

  1. Abutments
      • Treatment planning
      • Prosthodonitc considerations
        • occlussion
        • biomechanics
      • abutment selection
      • CAD CAM abutment
      • Immediate temporization with temporary adbutment
        • Multi unit angled abutment


  • Immediate implant placement and temporization with temporary abutment

Day 4

  1. Overdenture
      • Patient selection
      • consideration for edentulous patient
      • occlusion
      • overdenture restoration
      • overdenture restoration with locators
        • overdenture with implant placement
        • how to use locator for the overdenture class
  2. Implant complications with restoration


  • Overdenture with locator abutment
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