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Course 2: Intermediate AIC
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Course Objective & Goals

This course will be 3 days of lectures and hands-on participation using comprehensive models.  It is intended to enhance the participants’ skills and knowledge to manage more challenging clinical cases. Emphasis will be placed on socket preservation, soft tissue and hard tissue grafting, sinus augementation, and full mouth restoration, and introduction to the challenges of implant placement in the aesthetic zone.

  • Have a better understanding of site development (GBR and bone grafting), which procedures to handle in the office, and which to refer to a specialist colleague in a team approach
  • Learn how to evaluate, diagnose and treatment plan more challenging cases.
  • Develop an appreciation for the additional difficulties faces when placing implants in the aesthetic zone.
  • Extensive practice of advanced techniques on specialized models.
  • Share specific clinical cases for feedback.
  • Develop a network of colleagues.


Course Curriculum:

Day 1

  1. Bone
  2. Immediate implantation after extraction and principles of socket preservation
      • Atraumatic Extractions
        • Single Rooted Teeth
        • Multi-Rooted Teeth
        • Complications
      • Socket Preservation
      • Immediate Implant Placement
  3. Suturing Review
  4. Asepsis
  5. Principals of Grafting
      • History of Grafting in Dentistry
      • Review of Head and Neck Anatomy
  6. Soft Tissue Grafting
      • Frenectomy
      • Connective Tissue Grafting
      • Free Epithelial Graft


  • Place Anterior and Posterior Implants
  • Perform Socket Graft

Day 2

  1. Ridge Expansion
      • Maxmila
      • Technique Slides
  2. Guided Bone Regeneration
      • Background
      • Material Choices
      • Case Selection


  • Donning Sterile Gloves
  • Free Epithelial Graft
  • Moderate and Major GBR
  • Suturing

Exercises performed on Porcine Mandible

Day 3

  1. History of Sinus Grafting
  2. Sinus Augmentation Techniques
      • Sinus Graft – Lateral Approach
      • Sinus Lift – Interal Approach


  • Expansion exercise
  • Expand Ridge
  • Split Ridge
  • Egg Exercises
  • Sinus Lift Exercises
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