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Basic Course : Level 1 Implant Training
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Course Objectives and Goals:

This program will fulfill a doctor’s desire to learn implant dentistry with practical, clinical information and techniques.  Emphasis is placed on anatomic considerations, treatment planning and prosthetic techniques.

By the end of this course doctors will be able to:

  • Evaluate anatomic considerations significant to the surgical placement of dental implants
  • Establish which patients meet the selection criteria for dental implants
  • Perform basic surgical protocol for implant dentistry (including flap design, soft/hard tissue management and suturing techniques) through hands-on practice
  • Restore dental implants in both the surgical and prosthetic phases
  • Improve surgical skills in preparation for the next level of implantology
  • Demonstrate implant restoration using step by step and hands-on training in both the surgical and prosthetic phases
  • Perform a live surgery on their own patient under the supervision of an experienced Course Director

Course Curriculum:

(example of 4-day course) Day 1

  1. Brief History of Dental Implants
  2. Rational for Dental Implant Therapy
  3. Basic Anatomy of Maxilla and Mandible
  4. Surgical and Radiographical Guides
  5. Diagnosis and Treatment Planning
      • Patient Selction and Contraindication, Including Informed Consent
      • Using Principals of Prosthetic Drive Implant Placement for Optimum Restorability
      • Assessing Level of Difficulty vs. Skill Level to Decide which Cases should be referred
  6. Comprehension Implant Prosthetic Review – Step by step Instruction
      • Single Crowns and Small Bridges
      • Stud and Bar Overdentures – Including detailed locator attachment techniques
      • Fixed-dectachable, Hybrid designs
  7. Prosthetic Workshop Demonstrating Hiossen Implant Components and Their Uses
      • Includes fixture-level and abutment-level impression taking and manipulating the various prosthetic components discussed in the lecture, including locator attachments

*Hands-on:  Construction of Surgical Guide using Hiossen Mandibular Model

Day 2

  1. Socket Preservation and Predictable Basic Bone Grafting Techniques
  2. Extensive Troubleshooting and Tips for Surgical and Prosthetic Procedures
      • Previously constructed surgical guide will be used for model implant placement

*Hands-on: Bone Grafting Using Models for Socket Grafting with Membranes

Day 3

  1. Live Surgery Demonstration by Instructor
      • Straightforward implant placement demonstrating surgical setup, preparation of the patient, and the surgical technique
  2. Porcine Mandible Model Workshop
      • Incision, flay design, grafting and implant placement

*Hands-on: Incision, Flap Design, Grafting and Implant Placement on Porcine Mandible

Day 4 - Live


  1. Review of Live Surgery Case
  2. How to Incorporate Implant Dentistry into your Practice
  3. Implant Market Analysis
  4. Q&A
  5. Certificate Presentation


Topics that will be covered during a Level 1 Course

  • Foundation Knowledge
    • Introduction to Implant Dentistry
    • Implant Concepts & Terminology
    • Implant Characteristics & Systems
  • Basic Implant Mechanics
    • Surgical Anatomy
    • Bone Characteristics & Density
    • Surgical Armamentarium
    • Suture & Membrane Selection
    • Drilling Sequence
    • Osseointegration
  • Patient Safety
    • Patient Protection & Informed Consent
    • Sterile Techniques for Surgery/Operatory
  • Preparation for Surgery
    • Patient Selection & Case Assessment
    • Diagnosis & Treatment Planning
    • Prosthetically Driven Placement
    • Radiographic Evaluation
    • CBCT Scan Interpretation
    • Anesthesia and Medication
  • Implant Surgery
    • Suturing Techniques
    • Incision Design & Flap Elevation
    • Implant Occlusion & Biomechanics
    • Socket Grafting
    • One vs. Two Stage Surgery
    • Implant Surgery Complications
  • Post-Surgical
    • Post-op Care
    • Implant Maintenance
    • Infection Control
    • Deciding when to refer out
  • Implant Restoration
    • Abutment Selection/ Prosthetic Components
    • Treatment Planning for Restoration


Hands-on Activities

  • Abutment Selection
  • Impression Taking
  • Drilling Practice: Bone Density
  • Drilling Practice: Accuracy
  • Suture Practice
  • Interpreting an X-ray
  • Drilling Practice: Angulation
  • Pre-op Case Review for Live Surgery
  • Live Surgery on your own patient
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