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Basic Course : Level 1 Implant Training
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Course Objectives and Goals:

This program will fulfill a doctor’s desire to learn implant dentistry with practical, clinical information and techniques.  Emphasis is placed on anatomic considerations, treatment planning and prosthetic techniques.

  • Review of anatomic considerations significant in the surgical placement of dental implants.
  • Review of potential dental implant selection criteria.
  • Fabrication of radiographic and surgical stents.
  • Revision of basic surgical protocol for implant dentistry, including flap design, soft and hard tissue management and suturing techniques.
  • Demonstration of implant restoration using step by step and hands-on training in both the surgical and prosthetic phases.
  • Live implant surgery performed by participant under the supervision of course faculty.
  • Preparation of candidates for the next level of implantology.

Course Curriculum:

Day 1

  1. Brief History of Dental Implants
  2. Rational for Dental Implant Therapy
  3. Basic Anatomy of Maxilla and Mandible
  4. Surgical and Radiographical Guides
  5. Diagnosis and Treatment Planning
      • Patient Selction and Contraindication, Including Informed Consent
      • Using Principals of Prosthetic Drive Implant Placement for Optimum Restorability
      • Assessing Level of Difficulty vs. Skill Level to Decide which Cases should be referred
  6. Comprehension Implant Prosthetic Review – Step by step Instruction
      • Single Crowns and Small Bridges
      • Stud and Bar Overdentures – Including detailed locator attachment techniques
      • Fixed-dectachable, Hybrid designs
  7. Prosthetic Workshop Demonstrating Hiossen Implant Components and Their Uses
      • Includes fixture-level and abutment-level impression taking and manipulating the various prosthetic components discussed in the lecture, including locator attachments

*Hands-on:  Construction of Surgical Guide using Hiossen Mandibular Model

Day 2

  1. Socket Preservation and Predictable Basic Bone Grafting Techniques
  2. Extensive Troubleshooting and Tips for Surgical and Prosthetic Procedures
      • Previously constructed surgical guide will be used for model implant placement

*Hands-on: Bone Grafting Using Models for Socket Grafting with Membranes

Day 3

  1. Live Surgery Demonstration by Instructor
      • Straightforward implant placement demonstrating surgical setup, preparation of the patient, and the surgical technique
  2. Porcine Mandible Model Workshop
      • Incision, flay design, grafting and implant placement

*Hands-on: Incision, Flap Design, Grafting and Implant Placement on Porcine Mandible

Day 4

  1. Live Surgery Case Review



  1. Review of Live Surgery Case
  2. How to Incorporate Implant Dentistry into your Practice
  3. Implant Market Analysis
  4. Q&A
  5. Certificate Presentation
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